Course Description


This course focuses on providing behavior analysts with the fundamental definitions, concepts and principles in this area. Behavior analysts will learn about diversity and inclusion using a behavior analytic framework that is conceptually systematic. Skinner once said that we could change the world if we understood behavior better. One of the most needed changes in the world today is inclusion. Unfortunately there is little work in the field of behavior analysis to help guide behavior analysts in creating more inclusive environments. 

Diversity & Inclusion is the first chapter in our course entitled, Behaviors and Concepts of Inclusion, which is the first course in the Foundations of Inclusion series. The goal of this series is to provide behavior analysts and behavior analysts in training a comprehensive framework to guide behavior analysts studying, working within, or learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

What will you learn: 

  • Operational definitions of diversity and inclusion  
  • The many different ways inclusion can be applied to individuals, groups and teams, organizations, and larger society
  • How to evaluate the need for racial categories 
  • Diversity in your identity and how each of those serve as a strength 

Who is this course best for: 

  • BCBAs / BCBA-Ds / BCaBAs/ RBTs (behavior analysis professionals)
  • Those focused on Organizational Behavior Management 
  • Anyone who understands the basic principles of behavior analysis interested in DEI 
  • Those needing CEUs for their BACB certification (specifically ethics CEUs)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course!

  • 2

    Learning Material

    • The Need for Strong Verbal Behavior Repertoires

    • Why is Terminology Important?

    • Diversity and Inclusion

    • Reflections - What's my Diversity?

    • Discussion - What is the Need for Racial Categories?

    • Feedback