Course Description

3.0  BCBA CEUs (2 General, 1 Supervision)

This bundle includes three trainings. The first training will provide an overview of self-management and time management, including definitions, benefits, variables that make it challenging and tips to improve those skills. 

The second trainings discusses performance management. The trainers describe different assessments and ways to analyze employees' performance (PIC/NIC Analysis, PDC, PDC-HS). Tips to increase discretionary effort are also provided.

The third training focuses on persuasion. The course defines persuasion and the behavioral principles and concepts that play a role in the ability to persuade others. Persuasion in ABA practice is discussed. The differences between persuasion and coercion are analyzed.

What will you learn: 

  • Definitions and benefits of self-management and time managements
  • Strategies to improve time management
  • Definition of performance management and discretionary effort
  • Strategies to increase discretionary effort
  • Employee performance assessments
  • Definition of persuasion and coercion
  • Persuasion in ABA practice
  • Behavior principles and variables of persuasion

Who is this course best for: 

  • BCaBAs / BCBAs / BCBA-D / Lead RBTs who are interested in deepening their understanding of time management, performance management and persuasion
  • BCaBAs / BCBAs / BCBA-D / Lead RBTs who need assistance with time management, performance management and persuasion
  • Those needing CEUs for their BACB certification (general and supervision CEUs)